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Misaligned Expectations Lead to Conflict, Burnout, and Disillusioned Physician Leaders

Episode Notes

“Would you expect the chef at a restaurant to be told that they are not only required to prepare the food in the kitchen but also deliver it to each of the tables and manage the billing? What about sorting out the restaurant’s finances or understanding the number of patrons that need to flow through per night to optimize income? If this sounds unreasonable, how did we end up asking physicians to undertake multiple roles in our health care organizations for which they have not trained? This expectation has led to untenable work environments, and we need to find solutions.”

Amanda Brisebois is an internal medicine physician and palliative medicine specialist. Book a call with Dr. B to talk about conflict in your workplace.

She shares her story and discusses her KevinMD article, “Misaligned expectations lead to conflict, burnout, and disillusioned physician leaders.”

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Your EZMSA Physician Advisor: Dr. Amanda Brisebois


Misaligned Expectations Lead to Conflict, Burnout, and Disillusioned Physician Leaders

Amanda Brisebois MD – Difficult Conversations and Conflict Resolution with Your Patients and Your Teams

Episode Notes

Conflict can occur almost everywhere, whether it is in a medical setting or at home, and can have damaging effects if left unresolved. Developing effective communication skills with patients and healthcare teams is an important step towards mutual understanding and creating healthy working relationships.

This episode features Amanda (Dr. B) Brisebois MD, a Wellness and Executive Coach, General Internal Medicine and Palliative Medicine Specialist, Conflict Coach, Chronic Illness Coach, and International Keynote Speaker. She has undergone extensive training focused on conflict resolution, negotiation, mediation, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Today, Dr. Brisebois shares some strategies that will help us navigate challenging situations and difficult conversations.

I started to realize how to ask proper questions and how to really get to know people. And all of a sudden that extended into my patients, my physician colleagues, and wow, what am I missing?

– Dr. Amanda Brisebois

Episode Highlights:

(01:26) Dr. Brisebois’ backstory: Early career, training, physician coaching, and leadership. (06:40) Missing communication skills of doctors with their patients and team members (17:25) How to fit the application of communication strategies in a physician’s busy day (20:20) Setting boundaries in the healthcare setting – inappropriate and threatening situations (23:42) Taking a look at physician leadership and recognizing contributions (26:33)  Vulnerability and authentic leadership: Tell your own burnout story first

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This Is Me – Workplace Bullying Awareness Week 2022

Amanda Brisebois MD -Difficult Conversations & Conflict Resolution w/ Your Patients & Your Teams

Hospital Conflict Resolution

Episode Notes

Dr. Kevin Mailo welcomes Dr. Mandy Brisebois, physician and Certified Health and Wellness Coach, to the show to address the reality of interpersonal conflict and how to resolve it. Dr. Brisebois specializes in helping practitioners work through conflict and shares her experience with listeners. 

Dr. Brisebois clarifies that conflict is the end result of missing the boat on necessary steps that come beforehand. She identifies that communication, collaboration, aligned expectations, and knowing each other’s goals are all conversations that should be happening amongst colleagues in order to avoid clashes. However, knowing how to resolve conflict when it does arise is vital, especially in pandemic times of stress and overwork.  

In this episode, Dr. Kevin Mailo and guest Dr. Mandy Brisebois discuss how to address conflict or tense exchanges in the moment, with Dr. Brisebois offering ways to change how we think about the exchange and how to open conversation before walking away. Dr. Brisebois shares what process she has learned to identify conflict, how she takes people through conflict resolution, and the necessity of psychological safety in the workplace in order to foster the communication required.  

About Dr. Mandy Brisebois:

Dr. Mandy Brisebois uses her influence in high level leadership positions to advocate for physician integration into our health systems. Ultimately a deeper understanding of our complex systems will enable physicians to maximize their impact and promote patient care in the most effective capacity. Ultimately this strategy contributes to less conflict in the work environment, and fewer practitioners modifying their practice due to burnout.

Dr. Brisebois is a certified Wellness and Executive Coach (with specialization in healthcare in process), a General Internal Medicine and Palliative Medicine Specialist, as well as having extensive training in conflict, negotiation, mediation, equity, diversity and inclusion. She has served as the Medical Director for a large 290 bed hospital, the Medical Director of the Covenant Palliative Care Institute, as well as an Associate Chief Medical Officer of Covenant Health. She is completing her Masters of International Health Leadership through McGill University and has trained at multiple world renowned organizations including the Mayo Clinic, Berkeley, Oxford, UBC, and the Justice Institute of British Columbia. Her leadership specialty is helping practitioners and teams find success through conflict, and learn from these successes to create happier, more efficient and more effective healthcare teams. She has spoken at many international events, and she is a published author in her fields of expertise.

Resources discussed in this episode:

Physician Empowerment: website | facebook | linkedin

Dr. Mandy Brisebois, MSc, MD, FRCPC, AoDI, CEC: website | linkedin

Turning Conflict into Opportunity

How to Speak Up For Yourself at Work

Episode Notes
How often do you feel frustrated with workplace dynamics? Being a part of a toxic workplace is a big reason that so many of us burnout in healthcare prematurely.
In today’s interview, I speak with Dr. Amanda Brisebois – expert on conflict resolution in the workplace. We talk about How communication breakdowns in the workplace contribute to burnout Why it’s crucial to address conflict instead of avoiding it.
A step-by-step framework for working through conflict so you can feel empowered to speak up for your needs at work.This episode is filled with practical advice to help you feel empowered in advocating for yourself in the workplace.
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