Mandy (Dr B) Brisebois

Please Go Through Everything Before Your Session

Common Questions

1. How do you usually work with clients?
Going to work in the morning, knowing that you may be drawn into a difficult situation based on a conflict, can be a tough sensation. My work with clients initially focuses on how conflict is making them feel, how it is impacting their lives, and what they want to achieve by working through it.

We all had a dream when we finished medical school that our job was to “take care of patients in the highest capacity, including having skill, compassion, and grace”. However, medicine has evolved and many of us get stuck in team, organizational and political demands that we are not prepared for.

Once practitioners see the impacts the conflict is having and have strategies to put those aside, we start the technical work of progressing through the situation. I use a 4-step process to work through the conflict with you, with your goals as our targets, to create a unique Conflict Map. With the Conflict Map completed, I offer to attend a stakeholder meeting with you, in whatever capacity you need. I do not replace your voice, but I can support your voice coming through loud and clear in a professional and goal-oriented way. Once things are on the mend, I offer as part of the program, 4-months of support and learnings to nail down that result of turning conflict to opportunity and getting back to medicine!

2. What can I expect from the call?

When we talk, I will be getting a brief rundown of the situation. This will include who you are, how you communicate best, how you typically solve problems, and your goals. This will allow you to see if you connect with me as a coach. It also will allow me to ensure that I can help you in the described situation. There are some conflicts that need parallel action. For example, if you have legal action pending or if a university or organizational process has been started (for example formal concerns, privacy breeches etc.).

I can support in various ways depending on the situation and we will discuss this to ensure that you wish to proceed with my coaching. My genuine goal with this support is to help you get back to medicine, and to support your learning of the conflict conciliation process that took me multiple years of additional training to understand! When conflict is better understood, it can be turned into opportunity every time you encounter it!

3. Who is Dr B (Amanda Brisebois)?

About Dr. B
“In a World Where you Can be Anything…Be Kind”

I am a passionate physician who has worked tirelessly on the front lines caring for patients since 2000. Throughout my career, I have seen changes that have resulted in physicians being unprepared for the organizational and political expectations. These health system changes have seemed to degraded physician autonomy and have negatively impacted our outlook. Health system culture changes and operational pressures have forced physicians to alter how they are practicing medicine, ultimately impacting our ability to focus on patient care. I have concerns regarding the sustainability of the profession and want to help.

My mission is to always be involved in supporting growth for practitioners, to allow us to “get back to medicine”, and to support the same for myself and those around me.

Having been through conflict myself in my medical career, I have experienced too many situations in which little attention was paid to consistency and process. A lack of process and transparency can lead to the perception of unsatisfactory outcomes for many practitioners when facing conflict. Seeing this lack of process firsthand drove me into leadership, hoping to impact change and to support physicians facing issues in their practices.

The formal leadership journey that I embarked upon started in 2014 and ended up in my leading a team of 350 physicians through Covid pandemic as a medical director. During the Covid pandemic, it became apparent that conflict for practitioners and their teams was at an all-time high, and little resource was available to support these physicians. Physicians were losing sleep, sacrificing personal relationships, and removing themselves from their workplaces due to a lack of capacity to achieve satisfactory resolution to conflict. I spent 100s of hours coaching colleagues and teams during this time, but still saw a lack of process in the system to deal with physicians’ issues.  

It was clear to me in my coaching that physicians are not trained adequately to handle conflict, leadership, or equity and inclusion, unless they pursue additional training on their own.  I undertook over 3 years of intense education in these areas to become a respected advocate and teacher in conflict, mediation, and equity, diversity and inclusion. As society entered summer 2022, and the new generation of the pandemic met us, I made a goal to ensure that practitioners have the skills to create professional success out of conflict. These skills can support practitioners to love their careers once again by freeing time to focus on the field of medicine that they strove so hard to enter.

Outside of medicine, I am a very spiritual person. This to me means being connected, mostly to our planet and being outside. I spend most of my time off with my 2 yellow Labrador puppies, my 3 adult sons (who all have grown up and left me in an empty nest) and looking at the crystal waters from my paddleboard.

One of my proudest moments was starting a fundraiser with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada for my next-door neighbor who had leukemia. I had zero skills or confidence in fundraising. I motivated 10 people to join me, and we broke a Canadian record for most funds raised in a non-corporate event. I raised over $80,000 myself, and the team brought over $120,000 to the cause. I still have purple hair, as it is the colour of the society, and it reminds me that we can do anything if we have enough will and faith in ourselves.

I remember one of my favorite colleagues said this to me when I first entered the physician leadership world. I still hold onto this notion today.

Dr. Brisebois is a certified Wellness and Executive Coach (with specialization in healthcare in process), a General Internal Medicine and Palliative Medicine Specialist, as well as having extensive training in conflict, negotiation, mediation, equity, diversity and inclusion. She has served as the Medical Director for a large 360 bed hospital, the Medical Director of the Covenant Palliative Care Institute, as well as an Associate Chief Medical Officer of Covenant Health. She is completing her Masters of International Health Leadership through McGill University and has trained at multiple world renowned organizations including the Mayo Clinic, Berkeley, Oxford, UBC, London School of Economics, Queen’s University (Canada) and the Justice Institute of British Columbia. Her leadership specialty is helping practitioners and teams find success through conflict, and learn from these successes to create happier, more efficient, and more effective healthcare teams. She has spoken at many international events, and she is a published author in her fields of expertise.

Some People I’ve Worked With

Dr. Ling Ling

Dr. Jayant Varghese

General Internal Medicine
Facility Chief of Medicine, Grey Nuns Hospital, Edmonton, Alberta

“Dr. Brisebois has had a major impact on my career as a physician leader. She has a keen ability to help individuals see qualities within themselves and creates opportunities and provides encouragement to grow qualities into skills. As I embarked on my journey in leadership, Dr. Brisebois helped me create strategies to navigate challenges, both operational and personnel-related. Her training and wealth of experience in leadership and conflict resolution has helped inform my approach to facing difficult and unpleasant situations with candour, honesty and compassion. Dr. Brisebois has instilled in me the confidence to practice thoughtful leadership; I continue to deeply value her insights and advice as I continue to learn and grow.”

Kimberly Kwon

MDiv., CEC

“Doctors are expected to have all the answers, and often lack the safe space to ask questions, not know everything or be vulnerable and human. As a lifelong patient, I have had my mix of great doctors and asshole doctors. The asshole doctors have been the ones with least bedside manner, poor emotional intelligence or bedside manner. I wish those doctors would have had Amanda (Mandy) as a coach.
Likewise, there are great coaches and not so great coaches. The best ones are the ones who create a safe space to ask questions and not feel judged, allowing for honest conversations. This is especially important in times of conflict, when you have to have difficult conversations and navigate complicated relationships.
Mandy has a proven system to help you sort through the layers of conflict in the workplace, and her heart-centered coaching skills make her one of the best in her field. She doesn’t give you the answers but coaches you to find your own.”

Dr. Christina Dolhaniuk

Women’s Health

“Mandy has been instrumental in helping our department learn how to work together. With her guidance, I obtained confidence in myself as a leader, and was provided tools to effectively run a meeting around a particularly sensitive issue. Our department has obtained a remarkable level of openness and honesty with each other that has allowed more productive discussion. I would recommend her to any medical leader in need of advice on how to navigate difficult discussions.”